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attack day 1 box office collection 2022

India Net CollectionDay
₹ 3.00 Cr early estimatesDay 1 (1st Friday)
₹ 3.00 CrTOTAL
attack day 1 box office collection

Hello friends, I will tell you the box of 1 day box of attack movie to you guys, today we will tell you the box of 1 day of Attack movie, we will tell you through this post the director of this film and Producer Abraham is this if we talk in this movie, ha ha this movie is very well composed and its total 1 day gross is 3.5-4.5 crores and in this movie we talk about or equal to RR movie It is seen and this Modi has been told very well and in which movie we talk about, India as well as foreigners like it very much from this movie and would have expected. Of course, there is RRR juggling to deal with, but reports suggest that the urban-centric flavor of John Abraham’s action film has not found the same immediate engagement with the masses as action films in Bollywood, even as John Abraham also needs to work. Arya Movie to perform well from the beginning on a large scale, the people of the cities as well as the rural people seem to like this movie very much and talking about this movie, this movie is doing as compared to RR and this movie is doing well. Many people like the movie and shooting this movie very well and the actors have played their work very well in this movie.

Talking about Attack Movie Attack Movie, this movie has been very popular among the audience and if we talk about this film, then this movie was running for a very long time but the value of this movie decreased slightly in comparison to RR. But the audience has recently released any Bollywood movie, because of this there is a lot of audience on the committee and this movie is very important for the audience and or movie RR movie recently which released RR movie Because of this, the blue of Attack movie has decreased a bit but it is lagging behind in comparison to RR movie. The movie was saved very well and it is less as compared to RR movie because it is running behind RR movie in a way suppose that just like monkey has attack movie behind RRB in the same way very good It has been created from and has been produced by the artists in their own style.

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And talking in this movie, this movie is based on Indian Army and this movie is very important for the units and talking in this movie, we are working as John Abraham soldier in this movie and it is very important of the movie. Very good artwork and Girdhari have been played, you John Abraham seats in this movie, it was made very predictably and during the shooting of Vishwa Samvad Kendra it lives and is told very well and talking about this movie, here is RRR The movie is earning money and can work in this movie, liked it and talking about it, 3.5 crores is made up to 4.5 crores that its earning is

attack movi ke main character

John Abraham, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ratna Shah Pathak, Kiran Kumar and Jacqueline have done a great job. Everyone has brought their parts to the screen very well. The surprise of the film is Jacqueline Fernandez Aadi all aatek movie is presented on screen very aachhe

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