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Attack hit or flop Report

Today we will discuss in between you guys about Attack Movie Hit and Flowers and this movie is very well composed by Batpen Studio, Jaya Gaya Attack Movie This movie was released in a Hindi language or movie this movie The main character of this movie is John Abraham, whose main director this movie was very well composed and told and this movie of Manav was saved from it very well in this movie and this movie Believe it, this movie has suffered a lot because this movie is very less visible in comparison to Kashmir The File and and RR movie and this movie has become very weak in comparison to Sumer File Sararara movie because of this movie. Shraddha Kashmir file was told by Shri Yogi Adityanath ji, whose bye wealth, this movie has earned crores and lakhs of rupees from his budget, because this movie got a lot of promotion and promotion through politics, so this movie It has got a lot of benefit in the movie till it dissolves almost twice in the movie and on the same. If you talk, RR movie is also being seen very capable of covering its budget because according to its budget, that movie is also doing its news and it is believed that this movie will also come up to the top due to which From this attack movie also there is a chance of profit, but it is probably the fourth to fifth day of the movie, so the convoy of this movie is visible due to which the director and the artist are also surprised in this but they need to be worried. There is no need because this movie seems to be slowly moving upwards because from its fifth and sixth day it is estimated that or the movie will also go up very easily, due to which it will also be a loss in this movie. But there is more chance of making profit in this movie, if we talk about this movie, the producer and director of this movie is John Abraham, who is working on this movie as a hero and he is doing very well. He has played this acting as his girdhari and we talk that by writing John Abraham falls in love with a girl whose love is Since I used to love him very much and later gradually his love becomes deeper and later a disease occurs in John Abraham’s body, due to which his whole body becomes crippled and he is separated from his lover. They go to the airport to meet but their body does not work there, because of this, I leave their love, that is, this movie is related to love, due to which this movie is very good and very good. Looks quite strong Attack movie was released on 1st April 2022 or movie and produced by main director Jayantilal Gada, John Abraham and Ajay Kapoor, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez and Rakul Preet Singh are in lead roles. Is

Attack hit or flop

Attack Movie Hit and Flop This movie is quite spectacular and quite romantic to watch and this movie is related to the world of entertainment, this movie has been written by the director of this movie Mr. Raj Anand and in this movie as a family. It has been done by John Abraham and Attack movie is based on John Abraham ji or movie has been made and we talk about this in Modi, Riya movie has been seen very well and John Abraham in Attack movie which Jacqueline Fernandez in the movie, Rakul Preet Singh with Prakash Raj and Ratna Pathak Shah in supporting roles Talking about this movie or John Abraham in the movie which is based on Ek Bachao or the movie is written and this movie is based on Police or Indian Army and There is a great scene in this movie and in this movie John Abraham ji has appeared in this movie playing his character as an army officer and gradually John Abraham ji is working in this movie and later it is his body. Due to some disease, their whole body stops working and because of this their Not even leaving Rem, she leaves the airport.

Attack Budget And Box Office collection

Budget60.00 Crores [50 Cr (Production Cost) + 10 Cr (Prints & Publicity)]
Screens2000+ Screens India
Collection (India)Approx 03.51 Crores [Till 01th April, 2022]
Collection (WorldWide)Not Found  / Coming Soon
Collection (Overseas)Not Found  / Coming Soon
Attack Budget And Box Office collection

Attack All Songs and Music videos

Ik Tu HaiJubin Nautiyal, Shashwat SachdevShashwat SachdevKumaar
Main Nai TuttnaVishal Mishra, Shashwat Sachdev Ft. TisokiShashwat SachdevKumaar
Chal HattGirish Nakod, Magic & Shashwat SachdevShashwat Sachdev—–
Phir Se ZaraJubin Nautiyal, Shashwat SachdevShashwat SachdevKumaar
La La LaBjorn Surrao, Shashwat SachdevShashwat SachdevBjorn Surrao
BOMB!Shreya Jain, Girish Nakod, Shashwat SachdevShashwat Sachdev—–
Crazy NowShreya Jain, Magic, Shashwat Sachdev Ft. TisokiShashwat SachdevTisoki
Akh KashniSurbhi Yadav, Nakul Chugh, Shashwat SachdevShashwat Sachdev—–
Phir se Zara – ShaShashwat SachdevShashwat SachdevKumaar
Durga Gayatri MantraShreya Jain, Nakul Chugh, Shashwat SachdevShashwat Sachdev
Attack All Songs and Music videos

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