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Bachchan Pandey Hit or flop 2022 rskg

Hit and Flop of Bachchan Pandey Movie There has been a lot of loss of the movie and if we talk about this, this Bachchan movie is Akshay Kumar ji, the main character of this production by Akshay Kumar ji and this movie has affected a lot or the movie because of these 2 movies and its The biggest loss is that Odia movie is rarely seen and heard in theaters, so this movie and the box-off collection of this movie today is the fifth day, whereas today the fifth day box collection of this movie is probably three crores. Arya movie is almost can fulfill its target but if we talk about this movie, it is the movie RR movie which has lost the most because RR movie could not stand ahead of it due to being very super hit. Hai Asha 7th Kashmir Files Even in front of the movie it does not keep much value of the movie but but or The movie is becoming popular and people consider it to be a popular and favorite movie and people watch it and it has made a budget of three crore rupees in its fifth day box of collection. There was a budget that the total earning of this movie has so far been 3000000 in the fifth day, people in Arya Movie are guessing that this movie box of collection will be limited to its only 60 crores and this movie will be around 100 crores rupees. will incur a loss of

Total Budget: 160 Crores

Total Collection: 60 Crores (Lifetime*)

Loss or Profit: 100 Crores Loss

IMG 20220404 104244 22/03/2023

About the movie

Now look at the equations from the producer’s point of view, the film is made on a budget of around 160 crores, Digital rights sold to Prime for 80 crores, Box office collection is 60 crores, Music rights sold for 20 crores and Television rights for around 30 crores are sold. The total revenue for the producer is around 170 crores, which means it is a win-win situation for the producers. they won’t lose any money in the movie

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