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Bimbisara movie release date,cast,ott release date, imdv

Bimbisaar movie is in a lot of discussion because a very good story has been given in this movie and its release date has also been fixed which was earlier to be on 5th June, now it has been shifted to 5th August this movie will be released in 2022 which There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to watch and the director of this movie Mallidi Vashist is considered to be one of the well-known directors of South Movies Mala D Vashist is a very good director and writer who has written very good Tamil Telugu films and through that. Have made yourself famous all over India and in this way you will know that the trailer of this movie has been launched long ago, now after this movie is to be launched, I want to give more information to you guys. Like this movie will be launched on August 5 in 2022 and will also be launched on OTT platform from all platforms.

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Bimbisara movie release date

Bimbisara movie release date

Movie Bimbisar directed by Mallidi Vashist is very popular movie in which very good combination of Kareena Teresa and Kalyan Ram is shown Kalyan Ram innovates the hero who is a king in this movie and thus he acted so well That is also worth watching, there are stories in this that there is a king, Kalyan Ram, who is ready to do anything for his subjects and fights for them, you guys watch this movie to know the full story. You can see it will be shown both online and offline, it will be released on August 5, 2022, through this you can take advantage of it.

movie namebimbusar
castKalyan RAM and Kareena Teresa
release date5 August 2022
tailor release dateMarch 2022
writermillidi vashishth
directormillidi vashishth
producermillidi vashishth
languageTamil and 5 other language
Bimbisara movie release date

In this way you people have got complete information about Bimbisar movie, in which language it is written and in which language the movie has been made and in this way it has come in the discussion keeping all these things in mind. I want to tell you guys that the budget for making this movie is about 100 crores which is a lot to make this movie, that is why action is available in abundance in it and it is considered a very good movie.

Bimbisara movie trailer

If we talk about Bindusara movie, then its trailer has been released in March 2022 itself but this movie has not been released and Siya movie is leaving no stone unturned to be fully prepared, the story of this movie is very good in which action romance Excitement, anger and all other things have been shown very well and through this you can get information by watching the trailer of this, now I am going to give you the unmatched movie trailer below it which is given below. Is.

Bimbusar movie trailer

Bimbisara movie cast

If we talk about the cast of Bimbisar movie, then it is considered to be a very good movie, in which the Abhinav of Kalyan Ram Kathakarina Teresa has been presented and you guys can enjoy it through this, now I will tell you all through the list. I want to give the names of the artists and also want to present their innovations which is given below.

  • Nanda Mori Kalyan ram
  • Katrina Teresa
  • Sanyukta Menon

Bimbisara movie OTT Release Date

The release date of the unmatched movie has been kept as August 5, 2022. Accordingly, if we talk about it, then the OTP release date of this movie has also been confirmed, which has been kept in the last month of August, in 2022 itself, this movie will be released on the OTT platform. which will be released in many languages ​​like telugu tamil bengali madrasi hindi and also in other languages ​​like jeet cinema jio cinema g5 and other platforms like disney plus hotstar vip hotstar vip And on Prime Video also you people will be able to watch this movie in August 2022. Now I want to give you the name of some OTT platform through the list given below.

  • jio cinema.
  • PRB cinema.
  • Zee Cinema.
  • Prime video.
  • Disney plus hotstar VIP.

From the government, you people have so many OTT platforms where you can watch any online Modi by depositing prime, now you people will not have any difficulty in watching this movie and you will be able to watch it very well thank you.

Bimbisara movie review

Talking about Ravi of the movie, you will be surprised to know that even in it it has been written about the kings of the old times, in this, Kalyan Ram and Kareena Teresa are playing a very good role in this, the role of Kalyan Ram Raja. Who is a very enthusiastic and loving king for his worship and your worship takes so much time that he is completely ready to give his life for his subjects and Kareena Teresa follows the queen in it. Who is the queen of a country, in this way it is a movie full of romance, action and full of all kinds of juice, that’s why people are excited to watch this movie.

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Bimbisara movie release date,cast,ott release date, imdv

Bimbisara movie director name

If we talk about the director of the movie Hum To Tha Aap Bimbisar, then the director of this movie is very good director Mil Lal D Vashisht ji, who is considered a very good doctor of Telugu and Tamil movies and the movie written by him is very good. Good people watch and take advantage of it, that’s why this movie is in a lot of discussion, you have got complete information about this movie and you have also known the name of its director and about its cast, it is up to you guys. It has been told.

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