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Home Minister hit or flop Report/knada move box office collection

Home Minister Movie is a Kannada language movie of India directed by Srihari Nano and Producer Poorna Naidu and the cost of this movie is around Rs. Hui and was raised in May 2022 but the release date has come and if we talk about the box office collection of this movie, then this movie is around ₹ 10000000 in first day and 5000000 in second day and also 40 on third day. The box office collection is up to near about 50 lakhs, from this we know that this movie is a big hit according to its budget and thus it is considered a very good movie according to the budget and Kannada language Because of this or the movie is seen more only for that area where this movie is from and in this way you guys can know how this movie is made and other cast of this movies about you guys Will be told below Now I want to inform you guys about hit and flop through table.

movie namehome Minister
hit or flophit movie
budget3 se 5 carod
less than benefits0% less than budget
total box office collection2 point 5 crore
total box office collection₹2,,-3caron
Home Minister hit or flop

Thus we can say that this movie was a complete hit and people from Bangalore and other neighborhood are more excited to watch this movie because it is regional movie of the same region and or very good movie politics movie. Which is made on the leaders of today, the Indian Home Minister, he is from Canada, that’s why a movie has been made on him.

Home minister movie box office collection.

home minister movie hit or flop box office collection

Home Minister movie that when we talk about being hit and flop don’t talk about its budget and its box office collection then it happened that’s why we and you want to know and I should know that home How Minister which is Canada Movie has become a hit and its cast includes Director Shri Hari Nano and Producer Naidu ji how released the movie so that its day wise complete collection is given below through table.

Home Minister Day 1 Collection [1st Friday]₹ 0.20 Cr * rough data
Home Minister Day 2 Collection [1st Saturday]₹ 0.30 Cr * rough data
Home Minister Day 3 Collection [1st Sunday]₹ 0.30 Cr * may earn
Home minister movie box office collection

And in this way, you guys must have got complete information about the box office collection of Home Ministry movie, how much percentage benefit was done in first day and what percentage in second day and how much benefit was received on third day and how much balance check received on fourth day. In this way you will get complete information and we hope you will enjoy it. Thank you.

home minister movie cast and review.

Home Minister If we talk about the cast of the movie, then it has Shri Hari Nano ji as its main cast director, then its producer Naidu ji and talking about its other cast, then Nagraj is also a famous actor or the movie was made in Canada. And this is a Canadian movie and I want to tell you that this movie has got a very good response, in this way it is very important for you people to know that or how the movie is made, then you guys know about it. The cast can be seen through the eyes from the table below

Release date:-1 April 2022
Running time:-1 hours 45 minutes
Certification:-Not found upcoming
Total Worldwide Collection:-1-2 Crores Expectation
Budget + P&A:-3-5 Crores Approx
Box Office Verdict (Hit or Flop):-N/A
Page Last Update on:-6 March 2022
home minister movie cast and review

How do you guys get to know about its cast and we hope ya modi you guys will like it very much and you guys will enjoy it and will inspire people by this now i want to tell you about its disclaimer I would like to tell about this that after all, you guys must definitely see it.


The way we have written the home minister movie and we hope that this movie will give you information in a very good way through the content, but if there is any error in it, then you can watch on other website and other medium as well. So that you people will get a lot of benefit and you will be very protected if you are not satisfied with this data service, then you can also see other data, this data was given completely through internet.

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