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Lekha Movie Is A Punjabi Movie Directed By Kimnveer Brar And Its Cast Is Playing Main Role In Guru Naam Bhullar And Kahaniyan And Producer Of This Movie Is Gambhir Singh Sidhu And Man Mor Singh Sidhu And This Movie Is Budget Of 140 Crores. But if we talk about the box office collection, then there is not much waist, this movie was released on 1st April 2022, today it has been 5 days since this movie was released but if the box office of this movie Talking about the collection, there has been less than 1.5 crore box office collection, in this way we can tell that till now this movie is a flop and what is going to happen or will it be a hit or not? And we hope you guys will think about Chintan Manan Deol and want to watch this movie then you guys can watch it via cable below to know whether it is hit or flop.

movie namelekha
hit or flopNo flop this time hit
less than budgetnear about 1.20 karod rupiece
total box office collection 0.70 rupaye
Lekh hit or flop Report

From this you guys can understand that we have also been made in this way and how it is being shown to the people or the movie is giving a very good story but still this movie is going frock nowadays because there are many movies nowadays. Full romance romantic song and other performance movie is coming with good action, that’s why this movie is being considered as clock but people say that it may hit time ahead.

Lekha movie budget and cast.

।Talking about Lekha movie, I want to tell you guys that this movie was released on 1st April 2022, then talking about its release date and then it has been kept in May 2022 if after that. If we talk about its budget, then Rs 8 crore has been kept and if we talk about the box office collection of this movie, then it is considered to be Rs 1.8 crore, in this way we have also been prepared with a lot of money, Gurnam Bhullar in its cast. And there is Tanya and along with it its director Manveer Singh Brar, along with all the other information about it will be given to you through the table below.

lekhott release date details
Name Of The FilmLekh
Release Date1st April. 2022
OTT Release Date6th May 2022
OTT PartnerTBA
Original LanguagePunjabi
Also Being Dubbed InN/A
ActorGurnaam Bhullar, Tania
DirectorManvir Brar
ProducerGunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Singh Sidh
Tv PartnerTBA
Tv Release DateJune 2022
Budget8 Crores
Digital Rights PriceN/A
Lekh hit or flop Report

How we have given complete information to you people so that you people can understand that how you guys or movie has been hit and how much class has happened, you will get to see all these percentages of country movie being hit. If we look at the percentage then it is up to 60% and if we look at the percentage of flop then it is about 40%, in this way we can say that the chances of it getting hit are high and this movie can be a hit till further time. people say.

lekha movie budget benefits.

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lekha movie flp or hit

If we talk about Lekha movie then it is a Punjabi movie and it was made at a cost of Rs 1.40 crore and if we talk about the benefits, then it has not made any profit in its budget so far because this movie has been released for 5 days now. This movie was released on 1st April 2020 and on this day the box office collection of this movie has been zero point 70 crores on the first day and zero point 70 crores on the second day if due to this and from the benefits. In comparison, there is a difference of about 40% and this gives more information to the people which will be told about its cast below.

Written by Santosh Yadav

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