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Mission impossible hit or flop Report Telugu/Tamil /Hindi

mission impossible world wide release date 1st April 2022 and it cost 15 to ₹ 200000000 to make and it is considered to be a very good budget movie because a lot of artists have presented their innovation and gave information about themselves or It has been released in many languages, whether it will be telugu.hot Tamil or Hindi, in any language you can watch it Mission Impossible American TV serial series but it has been made on top of it has been deleted in many languages, its weight is 15 to ₹ 200000000 was kept and its release day was kept on 1st April 2022, on the very first day its box office collection came around three crores, so people believe that it will be a big hit and people will remain amazing towards it. .

Namemission impossible
hit or flopthis time is hit
budget15 se 20 karod rupaye
languageTamil Telugu Hindi
total collection6 karod. Rupaye
Mission impossible hit or flop Report

The way you people would have understood that the movie has fit perfectly and there is a lot of curiosity among the people to watch this movie, now we will give you more interesting information about it which will be given below.

Mission impossible Tamil Telugu collection and budget.

Talking about the budget of agar Ham mission impossible Tamil and Telugu movie, its budget is 15 to 20 crores and if we talk about its collection, then this movie is doing a very good collection, today it has been 4 days, we are going to show you all around it. Will give information about the collection from the day which will be given through the list below, then a table has been made in which you will get to see the information.

namemission impossible
impossible movie day 1 collection3 crore
impossible movie way 2collection1.6 karod
impossible movie day 3 collection1.4 karod
impossible movie day4 collection0.84 karod karod
Mission impossible Tamil Telugu collection and budget

mission impossible telugu movie hot or flop

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation poster 22/03/2023
mission impossible hit or flop

Talking about the hit and flop of the Mission Impossible movie, then it will be decided when the movie is completed about 1 week after its release, after that it is known whether the Mission Impossible movie will be a hit or a flop because if the current time But if seen, the budget of Modi is around 15 crores, where the Mission Impossible movie that has not been released yet, if the total box office collection is seen, then the hits and flops of the Mission Impossible Telugu movie. It is not possible to provide information about it rather some guess can be made whether the movie is a hit or a flop

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